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i met an awkward bird

I knew the minute my eyes finally picked him out on the rocks near the waterline, that he was not a Lake Boy. His hair was too fancy. Real Lake Boys do not care what their hair looks like. They are in and out of the water, sporting and goofing around. Even Lake Girls are different at the lake

heritage farm animals

Heritage farm animals are also know as "heirloom". I discovered that this fall as I was reading along on the Tractor Supply website - my new favorite store. If you're not sick of me discussing my heirloom garden, veggies and flowers, then you'll be in for a treat as I learn more about heirloom farm animals. When I saw


They’re quite clever.

All critters, whether I have chosen to live with them or not, can certainly outwit me. And as exasperating as it can be at times, it is certainly one of life’s humorous adventures. As we settle into life on our new old farmhouse property, I am under no misconceptions that the current wild critter community will give us a break. We also have our own pets and will look to expand into farm animal pets. And I want an heirloom garden, so that will be a beacon to more critters.

I’ll tell ya all about it here.

Life’s busy…make moments that matter.

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