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a pig flew somewhere

I know that there have been pigs flying in my world before this season of my life because I'm not new to the feeling of surprise when something you thought or said would never happen, does. But this particular season of my life has seen some big changes, and ones that I thought would never happen. Big enough for me to tell a relative that, "A pig must've flown somewhere". Big enough for that to become my daily motto this past year and for me to collect a few flying pig trinkets. Move over crazy cat lady, owl and

You know those things that you are never going to do? Never. No way. Not gonna happen. You put your foot down.

When pigs fly.

Or those things that you would love for them to happen but it’s too far of a reach, there are too many obstacles or it’s just not in your cards.

When pigs fly.

Yah, those things.

Well, never say never.

Cause they could happen. Pigs do fly.

A pig flew somewhere and my world changed. I said it wouldn’t happen. It did. I said it couldn’t happen. It did.

And pigs keep flying as the impossible becomes probable and the “no way never uh-uh’s” show up at my doorstep with their hand held out even though I was not going.

I go.

And it’s wonderful.

I’ll tell ya all about it…