how holiday clean happens

I had planned to get this to you before Thanksgiving because I know that your very existence would be enhanced immensely by knowing how I clean my house for Thanksgiving. But, after two days of documenting my every cleaning move, I needed to stop chatting and get to work. Since I love to include a drawing or two, there

Those of you who have seen my house can stop laughing now.

In my 4th decade of life, I can whole-heartedly say that there are more important things than trying to keep a spic ‘n span house. I used to have a weekly cleaning schedule and kept up with seasonal cleaning but at some point along the way, I waved my white flag and surrendered. Enjoying my moments took precedent and I let the cleaning schedule go.

But I do like cleaning, when I get to it. It soothes my soul and makes me feel happy when my home is tidy and neat. I just don’t focus on it anymore. Unless you’re coming to my house.

Having a “housekeeping” section on my website was never part of the plan. But I saw this picture above that I created for a blog post at some point and my heart just knew that I wanted to add it. Not to tell you how to clean your house, or what cleaning schedule or products you should be using, although I reserve the right to go there if the mood strikes me. But because housekeeping for me, is a part of making moments. The process can be soothing. The outcome is wonderful. I call the whole process of tending to my home “domesticity”. It soothes my soul.

I’m not sayin’ that I love it all the time and that cleaning my toilets makes me feel zen. I race around cleaning the obvious because company is coming or because it’s obvious that it’s been too long since I raced around the last time. But when I can make it work, it is a moment that I can get into.

Housekeeping is a wonderful way to make a variety of moments. You can clean all by yourself with your 80’s tunes cranked up or you can clean as a family and make it a game, a required life lesson or just part of tending to your home. A clean home is worth sharing, so it creates an opportunity to have company. But it can also be enjoyed all by your little ole self. Settle onto your sofa and feel the cleanliness seep into your being. Breathe deep. Ahhhhhh….

And now that clean uncluttered space makes room to get out a puzzle or your art supplies, make popcorn and chill out, have a cocktail dance party or bring out the bins of Legos, marbles and Matchbox cars. Moments to be made.

Life’s busy…make moments that matter.

Go clean that toilet and feel the moment…

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