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stocking up for the season

It's Black Friday and I am stocking up for the season in a different way. With the forecast bringing rain and snowflakes for the day, we're staying in. I have allowed the kids to overindulge on video games while I overindulge on Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and create "Hallmark" moments for myself to stock up on peace and joy as

the boss of me

I love being bossy. I'm a firstborn, so it comes naturally. But when I think about the things I want to chat about to you, my first criteria is that I do not sound as if I am bossing you around by telling you how to live. I don't like being bossed. And I've lived enough life to know

who needs a hug

Since we've gone "contactless" because of COVID, I want to touch now. That's what happens when you tell me "no". I'm a hugger and I know that makes non-huggers cringe, but you just might want a hug after the COVID hibernation. When we get the go ahead to touch random people again I am going to shriek and run

i got nothin’

I'm here to tell you that I have nothing to tell you. I've been wanting to chat with you for weeks now, but I don't have anything to say. I got nothin'. I know, it's hard to believe. Me without anything to say. That might just be the strangest thing that has happened in 2020. And how do I

in it for the snacks

When my kids and I go hiking, the best part about the adventure is what they find in their packs. That's right...the snacks! Oh sure, they love all the nature that presents itself to us and the adventure of a new place. It wouldn't be the same if we were just home eating the same snacks. A small hike

spicy, sexy, wild

Life's crazy. Make moments that matter. That's the revision I made to my normal tagline of "Life's Busy. Make moments that matter." It's just crazy. Stir crazy. I'm crazy. Here's what's exciting in my life... "Spicy, sexy, wild".  I saw those words on a bottle of lotion describing the scent while I was in a family member's dark, old,

opposite world

Hello my BFF's, I'm coming at you live from my tiny sunroom fort, the place I go to hide away and get some quiet time since I am surrounded by my peeps these days. But, they are on to me and have found my hiding place. They like to be close to momma, (who can blame them, and quite

ned the noodle

I am the worst bedtime storyteller, the absolute worst, which is odd because I tell you riveting stories all the time. But that's probably because I don't have to tell them to you at bedtime. By bedtime, I do not have the "loving silly snugly lingering-in-their-bedrooms" kind of thing going on inside me that the TV commercials suggest is

I am not a neatly wrapped gift box tied with a bow. I am a polka-dotted gift bag full of surprises in all shapes and sizes, topped off with happy-colored tissue paper, because that is the only way to contain my contents in some semblance of presentable appearance.

My purpose is to take you to your happy place.

Blogworthy is one of my gifts to you as I share my “self-titled award-winning blog content” about anything that I think is important for you to have in your Happy Place Data Bank that doesn’t fit into any of my other categories of self-titled award-winning content. I didn’t want to have to leave anything out just because it didn’t fit into the box…so, into the gift bag it goes.

Life’s busy…make moments that matter.

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