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drum roll please!

Did you wonder where you were when you stopped by my site? I'm renovating. Again. Woofie! But this is for an exciting reason...drum roll please...I'm finally, finally, finally on my way to becoming "the awkward bird shoppe"! I'm starting with the online shoppe and I cannot believe that I get to build this. It's a dream come true! Now,

I am not a neatly wrapped gift box tied with a bow. I am a polka-dotted gift bag full of surprises in all shapes and sizes, topped off with happy-colored tissue paper, because that is the only way to contain my contents in some semblance of presentable appearance.

My purpose is to take you to your happy place.

Blogworthy is one of my gifts to you as I share my “self-titled award-winning blog content” about anything that I think is important for you to have in your Happy Place Data Bank that doesn’t fit into any of my other categories of self-titled award-winning content. I didn’t want to have to leave anything out just because it didn’t fit into the box…so, into the gift bag it goes.

Life’s busy…make moments that matter.