It started out with one song, and then my moments seemed to bring on one song after another.

“Sending Out An SOS” by The Police was the first song that started playing in my mind and probably the most important. You see, after having had my new website initially set up, I just assumed I’d take the wheel and design to my heart’s content. I did take that wheel and I didn’t go anywhere. I was stuck.

So, this song popped into my mind and I had to reach out to my local hosting guru for help. At the current time, my website is driving many of my other dreams, so it’s kind of a big deal. It’s also the current biggest dream playing out, where my online country shoppe will get it’s feet wet, sooooo, I needed help.

I’ve created a few websites in my time spent blogging these past few years and every time there is new technology. Naturally it is supposed to make things easier but it takes me a while to catch up.

Nevertheless, I get there one way or another and this time, I needed HELP!

My guru got me unstuck and started me on my way and then I began to figure some things out and I got into a groove. Do you hear another song there? “Get Into the Groove” by Madonna. Yaaassss!

I’m really getting into designing this new site and envisioning what I want to include. I have some fun categories lined up for you and little by little I’ll unveil them as I get back into writing my posts. I think I’m nearing the end of the design part, at least for the blogging sections, and then there will just be minor tweaks and adjustments. Fluffing the pillows of sorts.

My online country shoppe will be another adventure and I do not have that section of my website designed yet, but…”Fairy Tales Do Come True, It Can Happen To you…” lyrics by Frank Sinatra in “Young At Heart”. In the midst of working on my website I got myself out to register my DBA so now “The Awkward Bird” is officially a business. Wahoo! Happy dance! Oh me, oh my!

Then there was Mother’s Day weekend. “The Eye of the Tiger” dominated that weekend as my kids fought over a big box that one of my gifts came in. (New outside pillows for the bench that I don’t have to go up at the new old farmhouse that I don’t have yet either.) I finally told them to have their father settle it. It was Mother’s Day after all.

As long as we’re on the theme of fighting, “Don’t Fight It” by Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry, has settled around me as I have needed to be patient for a variety of things going on, or not going on, as I pursue a few of my dreams. I can be patient for a very long time and then when I’m ready to move, I get antsy. No sense fighting it because I can’t make any of it go faster. There must be something else to turn my attention to in the meantime.

Ah yes, my heirloom gardening adventure.

That’s for another post.

But here’s one last song for ya.

I’ve recently started a yoga class again and the song that was played at the end one morning as we were in our quiet time is not one you would expect for quiet time but it’s a great song. “Have It All”, by Jason Mraz. Nothing to do with material “haves” and everything to do with the “haves” for making moments that matter.

I’ll sing to that!