life on the farm

It's August and we have totally been enjoying our summer. It took a while to get into the groove and now I am ready for it to go on for months, I've got my summer rhythm! While I'm reminded that it won't be here as long as I would like it to last - the August cricket sounds are in the background now, the local county fair is coming up, which always appears right before "back-to-school", and there is no ignoring the "back-to-school" shopping going on in the stores - I'm not ready to switch gears and fall into

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peas for breakfast

I'm not a breakfast food fan, for breakfast. I like breakfast, but I prefer it for dinner. I like to eat dinner foods for breakfast. Breakfast foods are often sweet, and being a salty, I need salt to start my day. I know that there are some options, but, not many. Delicious foods for breakfast can also take a bit of preparation and there is rarely time for that in the morning. There have been many a day where I sat at the breakfast table with my leftover chicken, pizza, pasta dish or even a hot dog, and endured

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sending out an SOS

It started out with one song, and then my moments seemed to bring on one song after another. "Sending Out An SOS" by The Police was the first song that started playing in my mind and probably the most important. You see, after having had my new website initially set up, I just assumed I'd take the wheel and design to my heart's content. I did take that wheel and I didn't go anywhere. I was stuck. So, this song popped into my mind and I had to reach out to my local hosting guru for help. At the

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drum roll please!

Did you wonder where you were when you stopped by my site? I'm renovating. Again. Woofie! But this is for an exciting reason...drum roll please...I'm finally, finally, finally on my way to becoming "the awkward bird shoppe"! I'm starting with the online shoppe and I cannot believe that I get to build this. It's a dream come true! Now, I know that most people wouldn't unveil their shoppe until they were at least close to the finish line. But, I'm not like most people and I wasn't quite expecting to be building the online shoppe until a few months

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