I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We’re still eating some delicious leftovers and I found myself in a turkey club predicament today.

Now that my “Happy Moments” coloring book for big people is published and for sale on Amazon, to start, (my happy plug), I can turn my attention back to creating my cookbook. One of the ideas I am currently working on sharing in my cookbook is for Turkey Day leftovers because I wouldn’t dream of messing with your Turkey Day meal traditions.

Here’s my predicament…

A few weeks ago I had some dental work performed. Nothing with me is ever normal. Or maybe normal for me is not normal for everyone else. I had discovered a super sore gum and made an appointment to have it looked at. Turns out, it was a piece of dead bone that was leftover from a root canal that is over twenty years old. This piece of dead bone finally worked its way to the surface and was causing me problems. Whoever heard of such a thing? And you should see the size of the bill!

I still have a really tender and sore and hurting muscle thingy in my cheek area from where the needle went in to give me anesthesia. It only bothers me when I open my mouth semi-wide to eat. I love to eat so this is a semi-big problem.

Today, I wanted to make a turkey club sandwich and take pictures of it for my cookbook as one of my ideas for Turkey Day leftovers. Most of the time, I need to do my picture taking during the day to take advantage of the best lighting. So, I have to make my foods during the day. Some foods can handle hanging around to be eaten later at dinner or another time but a turkey club needs to be eaten soon after it is created. Otherwise the toasted bread gets soggy and things go downhill fast.

But, I cannot open my mouth wide enough to eat this sandwich because of my sore cheek muscle thingy. And the only person around during the day to eat it is my preschooler and he won’t eat it.

It’s beautiful and it’s calling to me. (I actually took some ibuprofen earlier to prepare for this predicament but it did not totally take away the pain.)

If I were eating this at a diner, I would have waffle fries with it. Or curly fries. Or some kind of french fries. But I used waffle fries in the picture that I took of a hot turkey sandwich for another Turkey Day leftover that I am sharing in my cookbook so I paired this sandwich with carrots. They add a nice color pop.

I ate them already as a warm-up to the sandwich.

So, that is my turkey club predicament.

Now, I will leave you with the hot turkey sandwich pic, and a craving for a turkey sandwich, as I go off to tackle this sandwich with my sore mouth.

Poor me…