you’re grounded

Finding time to be by myself and work on some of my personal to-do list is tricky. I know you know what I'm talking about. I used to be a night owl but am now an early bird who rises before my family for some "commute" time before I start my care taking and family duties for the day, as well as the other necessities of being the Head of Domestics. Oh, there are so many directions I could go in all by myself in those few quiet minutes of the wee hours. But being a gal with a busy

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NOW it’s against the law

Our winter break was fabulous. We are a breed of peeps who LOVE being at home and crave time at home. I also ate too much, and much of it was junk food, and now I just want a tuna fish sandwich and a glass of milk. In my previous post, I shared my love for letting the Christmas season linger into February where I can enjoy the snow and some quieter moments with my little lights, my holiday music and my baking and cooking since it all goes too quickly in December. My wee ones were concerned that it

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the thing about january

January is one of my favorite months for the clean slate and promise of more dreams to be realized and thunk up for the whole year ahead of me. When you're a dreamer, there's always more time to accomplish your dreams. Time is not an issue. But January is even busier than December. It is the home to three of our family's birthdays and the first week is always a wash because it is the end of school break for the holidays. So, it's during the second week when I start January-ing. Which is actually partying. And growing another year

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without a doubt

I have noticed lately as I am out and about running errands, that I am talking to myself while trying to make selections. It's the time of year where decision making is commonly at its highest and I need to run my choices by someone. Since it's just me running errands, I get to talk to myself. "Is this the 1000 sheet one ply toilet paper? Yes. Good, that's the right one. Okay, are these the paper towels that can rip off at different sizes? Sweet. In the cart they go." "Hmmm...would they like this? How much is it? Am

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