time for an update on the awkward bird

Hello my favorite BFF's! Welcome to my new BFF's and it's good to see my old BFF's. I figured it would be a good time to update you on what is happening with "The Awkward Bird", especially if you know that we've moved, which was supposed to bring me closer to my bubble map of dreams. While we were preparing to move, I read something that compared big scary moments in life to diving off a cliff. That is exactly what it felt like to me. We had been brought to the edge of the cliff and were about ready

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more bon-bons please

Hello. Is it me you're looking for? I've been thinking about you all summer and wondering what kind of summer fun you were up to. My hot summer weather started late but it has lasted a long time. It has been a super hot and rainy season and the trees and grass are still very green, not fall-like at all. Although a couple of the trees in our new digs are sticklers for routine so they have dropped some leaves despite what their peers are doing. This was the summer that we made a move toward a new home and

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summer traditions

So, I know you've been wondering what is happening in my world. You probably find yourself thinking, "What is going on with Aaryne, The Awkward Bird? Is she still packing boxes?". I found this pic on my phone. My kiddos will ask to use my phone and take pics once in a while. I'm not surprised that boxes showed up! Yes, I am still packing boxes but that activity is dwindling. When I started purchasing boxes, I cleverly decided to try to use sizes that I might also use as shipping boxes when I start my online Awkward Bird Country

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so what’s fun for me?

My youngest has been saying this a lot since he graduated from preschool a few weeks before his siblings will finish up school for the year. The problem for him, is that they have lots of fun end-of-year school activities going on that they are excited about and he is just stuck home with mom and her mile long to-do list. So, every day he wants to know what will be fun for him. I had to break it to him that not every day can be full of fun wild activities and that his siblings would prefer to be

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i love inventory

That's right. I love inventory. There. I've said it and I feel free. In these days where the current trend is to get rid of your stuff and to live meagerly in order to fully thrive, I've discovered that I love my stuff. All of it. I love options and choices and selection. I love rotating my linens for the season and my mood. I love changing the pictures on the wall seasonally. I love selecting my morning coffee mug and my dish towel for the day. This is one of my newest designs. I love this design too. Today

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