My youngest has been saying this a lot since he graduated from preschool a few weeks before his siblings will finish up school for the year. The problem for him, is that they have lots of fun end-of-year school activities going on that they are excited about and he is just stuck home with mom and her mile long to-do list.

So, every day he wants to know what will be fun for him. I had to break it to him that not every day can be full of fun wild activities and that his siblings would prefer to be stuck home with mom.

But, yesterday, I asked him what would be fun for him. He suggested that we go to the beach.

So, we made a deal that mom needed to get some things accomplished in the morning and then we would have a picnic at the beach for lunch.

We are blessed to live close to a few beaches, the closest being a lighthouse beach on Lake Michigan. It’s the kind of place that always feels like we’re on vacation when we go there and we rarely ever go. It’s less than five minutes away. Why is it that the most wonderful gems right in your own neighborhood get forgotten?

Oh ya.

Because there’s more to some adventures than meets the eye.

If you have ever gone to the beach with kids, you know there is nothing relaxing about it. And just try to tell them it is time to go home. I dare ya.

But, my littlest muffin and I ventured to the beach and we both had fun.

Even though he had to use the restroom right after we got out all of our picnic foods. “My bad” for not taking him there first.

He calls it the ocean and that is exactly what it looks like.

And the wonderful scent of lilacs was fun for me.

He enjoyed his day and so far today, I have not heard him ask, “So, what is fun for me?”.