room to bloom

Breathe in...big breath out. Y'all ready for this? We last chatted, my BFF's, at least here on my blog, a little over a year ago. I actually feel pretty good about that because I thought I've left you hanging since March of 2020 when COVID hit our parts. The reason I rang you up today is because it's time to catch up from these past few years. Except that there is no time to catch up. I am starting a new beginning, a new season in life, a new chapter, turning over a new leaf. However you want to

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stocking up for the season

It's Black Friday and I am stocking up for the season in a different way. With the forecast bringing rain and snowflakes for the day, we're staying in. I have allowed the kids to overindulge on video games while I overindulge on Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and create "Hallmark" moments for myself to stock up on peace and joy as I cross over into the December holidays. As always, overindulging will bring consequences later, but what's life without adventure? My kids will be cranky from way too much screen time and not enough eating and breathing oxygen. I will wonder

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just to-do it!

I've been preoccupied with the fact that I am too preoccupied. Despite COVID bringing simpler days with less running around, because the available activities to take up my time have been shut down, my brain is still just as busy. I actually seem to be less able to be in the moment these days than when I was busy running around. How is that so? I blame my brain. My brain is wired for daydreaming, planning and multi-tasking, all things that keep it somewhere else and not in the moment. And having more quiet time is the perfect breeding

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best supporting actress

I thought for sure when all of my kids were grown enough to be in school that I would take a starring role in my life again. That just seems to be the natural progression of stages with kids right? If you've been with me a while, you know the wide variety of dreams, schemes and plans I have for myself. They're all over the place and I was just so excited to finally get some time to be what I had envisioned as "me". (And I so think I look like that.) We're headed into the third year

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i met an awkward bird

I knew the minute my eyes finally picked him out on the rocks near the waterline, that he was not a Lake Boy. His hair was too fancy. Real Lake Boys do not care what their hair looks like. They are in and out of the water, sporting and goofing around. Even Lake Girls are different at the lake than they are at the ocean beach. Something about being at a lake calls for natural fuss-free grooming. I think that's because it's hard to be at the lake and not go in the water. It lures you into its

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