opposite world

Hello my BFF's, I'm coming at you live from my tiny sunroom fort, the place I go to hide away and get some quiet time since I am surrounded by my peeps these days. But, they are on to me and have found my hiding place. They like to be close to momma, (who can blame them, and quite frankly, I will miss them when they no longer want to) but they have taken over my fort on many occasions so that the cat and I have to find someplace else to go. There are now toys in my

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ned the noodle

I am the worst bedtime storyteller, the absolute worst, which is odd because I tell you riveting stories all the time. But that's probably because I don't have to tell them to you at bedtime. By bedtime, I do not have the "loving silly snugly lingering-in-their-bedrooms" kind of thing going on inside me that the TV commercials suggest is how bedtime should happen. Bedtime has evolved into a chaotic lengthy adventure that always seems to drag on no matter how early I start or how I try to assert my parenting power and change things up. There are always

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a year of living “not me”

After you've been hanging out with yourself for a while, do you ever feel the need for a little separation? Have you ever felt the desire to escape your own presence? One recent morning while I was sitting with my cat and my coffee enjoying some dark quiet wintery moments before my wee ones were awake, I started to ponder what it would be like if I took a year off of living "Aaryne" style. Putting some distance between me and myself. It sounds relaxing. Like maybe living in a retreat for a year. I've chatted with you before

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make it happen people

One day this past week, while mentally juggling the necessary tasks for multiple events coming up, I was also mentally off in the new year dreaming and scheming. I don't know how to accomplish a few of those dreams. They're big and in directions I have never gone before. That sounds familiar. As questions and specific details came to my mind while it was wandering, I decided not to get caught up in the "not knowing how" and so I proclaimed with belief, "Let's make it happen people!" I was the only one around. Me, in my kitchen working

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nesting, reflecting and anticipating

Being a planner, a ponderer and a dreamer makes living in the “now” tricky business. My mind is always working, always busy. Along with training myself to eat tomatoes, because they’re really healthy, I’ve had to train myself to be present and in the moment, because…it’s really healthy. Probably more so than eating tomatoes but eating tomatoes is much easier to do than staying present. And I don’t really like tomatoes. As I prepare for the new fall season to take over and a new school routine to govern our lives, I’ve been nesting, reflecting and anticipating. Nesting, so

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