spicy, sexy, wild

Life's crazy. Make moments that matter. That's the revision I made to my normal tagline of "Life's Busy. Make moments that matter." It's just crazy. Stir crazy. I'm crazy. Here's what's exciting in my life... "Spicy, sexy, wild".  I saw those words on a bottle of lotion describing the scent while I was in a family member's dark, old, spidery don't look around too closely but spruced up and cute with curtains from my fabric designs camp bathroom. I decided immediately that I wanted people to think spicy, sexy, wild about me. Definitely. Never mind that I am more

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livin’ in the past, man

Nostalgia. It is perhaps one of the greatest gifts in life for those of us who have a few years added on to our youthful days. The memories, tastes and feelings of past feel good moments that still live on in your mind are pure gold. Life in the good old days...ahhhhh. It was all so simple then. Naturally. Sunbathing, cut-off jean shorts, and old-fashioned cakes are on my nostalgia plate recently. I never tire of regaling my kids with "the good old life" stories from my fabulous 80's days. I was definitely born to be an 80's chick.

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garden lessons learned so far

I've spent the last couple of weeks re-potting plants that I started indoors because they grew too big for the pots I used or I crowded them in and now they are fighting. Meanwhile, I'd rather be starting new seeds because I have collected a bit of an heirloom seed library. Something I know about myself is that I love to create but I'm not always into the "maintaining" part once it's set up. Since there is no one but me at this point who is into this gardening hobby, I'm in it for all of the duties. That

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starting an heirloom adventure

Heirloom gardening is not a new concept but it is a new adventure for me. The terms "heirloom" and "homesteading" are current trends that really just refer to the way life was lived many moons ago. I've always fancied the memories of my grandparents and how they lived, not that all of it, or any of it actually, was glamorous. It just seemed simple and real. Even my own childhood memories have an air of simplicity to daily life. But that has nothing to do with this section really, except to lay the foundation for my new adventure into

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