room to bloom

Breathe in...big breath out. Y'all ready for this? We last chatted, my BFF's, at least here on my blog, a little over a year ago. I actually feel pretty good about that because I thought I've left you hanging since March of 2020 when COVID hit our parts. The reason I rang you up today is because it's time to catch up from these past few years. Except that there is no time to catch up. I am starting a new beginning, a new season in life, a new chapter, turning over a new leaf. However you want to

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what a girl wants

The heirloom garden catalogs have arrived, our Christmas tree was dry and has been taken down (way too early, so it was replaced with a white lights tree to take me through winter), I'm ready to part with the sweets and treats that were staple foods while I was in my "holiday hole" and the holiday cards I did not yet send have become "winter wishes" cards. That means it's time for a new year! Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! My favorite line, that I think is quite witty, is that "it will all be clear in 2020".

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back behind the lens

It's been awhile since I have been behind the camera and I really missed it. I just seemed to hit a dry spell. No creative juices were flowing. Then one day, the creative juice faucet opened up and flowed and flowed and flowed. Being behind the camera is one of my happy places. Our summer adventures at our new old farmhouse provided the environment that I needed to pick up the camera and wander around. Lucky for you, I have planned a tour of these blog-worthy photo moments so let's put on our farm boots and meander the simple

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what’s in your dreams

At any given moment, I usually have a handful of books and magazines that I'm reading at the same time. My mood and available time frame dictate what I gravitate to when I take a moment to read. Periodically, something captures my full attention and I stick with it from start to finish, (summer readers take note: "The Doughnut Fix" by Jessie Janowitz and the "Gregor the Overlander" series by Suzanne Collins - both from the juvenile fiction fave), thus putting my other "focuses" on hold. That's how I work on my dreams as well. Being a chronic

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the farm shake down

It will be a while before our farmhouse is in shape for us to move in and settle down, but that won't stop us from hanging out there and dreaming about its future. I have spent some time considering what kind of a farm we will be. This isn't the first time that I've pondered this, and I was armed with books and magazines and plenty of brain waves surrounding this choice. The main consideration is us.  Four of the five of us are huge animal lovers, and the "one" who claims not to be ends up being a

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