At any given moment, I usually have a handful of books and magazines that I’m reading at the same time. My mood and available time frame dictate what I gravitate to when I take a moment to read. Periodically, something captures my full attention and I stick with it from start to finish, (summer readers take note: “The Doughnut Fix” by Jessie Janowitz and the “Gregor the Overlander” series by Suzanne Collins – both from the juvenile fiction genre…my fave), thus putting my other “focuses” on hold. That’s how I work on my dreams as well. Being a chronic multi-tasker, that’s pretty much how I “do” life.

So, it is with knotted up shoulders and neck discomfort, the physical effects of my heirloom gardening dream, that I am ecstatic to announce the achievement of another dream…our very own old farmhouse property.


Our labor of love.

The property “had me at hello” years ago and I have stalked it ever since. The achievement of this dream seemed impossible, so I still step out of the car onto our driveway and giggle. But first, I turn my car blinker on to turn into the driveway to make a statement that I am no longer a property stalker but the owner. (It doesn’t matter that it’s a country road and there is rarely a car around me for the need to signal my change of driving direction. It’s for me, not them.)

Working farm fields down below…so dreamy. And I am an open sky gal. This is the perfect place for that.

That tree will have to go.

My Mother’s Day gift from my husband. .

Or as I have been thinking lately…”I wonder why I thought I was busy before?”

My husband is lucky he’s married to me and my dreams.

The farmhouse’s next life needs serious consideration, and we knew that, so this summer we are cleaning it out and “camping” in it while we ponder the next move.

In the midst of all this, we had the “end of school” going on and the kiddos and I were checking out my coloring book to give to their teachers.

We all picked a page in our own copies to color and I opened up to this page. The universe knew I needed a bath, both because working on the old farmhouse and the property makes me stinky, but more because all of my dreams and hobbies are making me achy.

It also gave me good advice!

It’s rare that I find myself in a bathtub because I get bored just hanging out and my mind wanders and then I come up with brilliant ideas I need to write down or things I need to do, but I’ve been up to my ears in a few baths lately soaking out my aches and pains.


I’m holding onto my fantasies of lazy summer country days sipping lemonade (or icy cold Diet Pepsi) with nothing to do but hang out in our very own country tree swing. That’s what’s in my dreams.

I’ve seen my first sunset. It’s what dreams are made of.

I’ve also seen my first morning. They come early after you’ve been up late.

I have not cleaned it out enough for my own tastes to sleep over yet but my wee ones were excited after I had ripped out a carpet and mopped the floor in their temporary farmhouse bedroom so I threw my grown-up issues to the wind and climbed onto a cot. First nights in new places are always strange and especially so when you’re in an old farmhouse.

I couldn’t sleep.

My body was missing it’s cozy mattress back at our current home and it kept reminding me that it wasn’t 20-years old anymore to sleep on a cot. It was also super quiet at night. And I was also sure that the sounds I did hear were the actual resident of the farmhouse and I would wake to find a raccoon strolling into the room.

But so far, so good.

Maybe it was “The Doughnut Fix” book putting ideas into my head.

I’ve had my first morning coffee there and my first fried egg.

I’m looking forward to my first sunrise – it has been cloudy – and my first bacon sizzling away – I’ve been too busy.

We’re looking forward to staying in our new dream for the 4th of July festivities. With an open sky like that, there are bound to be fireworks dotting the horizon and fireflies sparkling in the fields. I’ve got more work to do to make that happen so I’m outta here but stay tuned for the heirloom gardening update. I’m still keeping it alive surprisingly.