I’ve spent the last couple of weeks re-potting plants that I started indoors because they grew too big for the pots I used

or I crowded them in and now they are fighting.

Meanwhile, I’d rather be starting new seeds because I have collected a bit of an heirloom seed library. Something I know about myself is that I love to create but I’m not always into the “maintaining” part once it’s set up. Since there is no one but me at this point who is into this gardening hobby, I’m in it for all of the duties. That means, taking care of the babies I already have, not making more.

Fine. There are worse things.

The only real tedious part is that I put lots and lots of some flower seeds that are teeny tiny into a pot and they have grown enough that I need to separate them and repot them because I’m not yet at a place that I can plant them outside.


Then I sat with my lettuce that was crowded into pots and planned to separate them but they were too co-mingled to get them apart without tearing the plants.

So I ate them.

It worked. And they were delicious.

The lesson learned: do not put millions of seeds into one pot thinking I will replant them soon. I probably won’t. Even if we were able to get to our new location, our cold and wet weather has created a late start. Also, for plants that get big fast, like corn, melons and squashes, start with a bigger pot and only put in one seed per pot.

Also, also, those pots that disintegrate into the ground may not be necessary for all starts. They seemed like a good idea but they cannot be reused and I ended up needing to repot before I could transplant so I needed to throw them out. Plus, they get a bit stinky from the wet and moldiness that they promote. Most plant starts can handle being taken out of a container and put into the ground, leaving the container to be reused.

Also, also, also…I jumped on the “put your coffee grounds into your garden” bandwagon only to later discover that they are questionable due to the caffeine levels which is a problem for most plants. There is more science to it but that’s the gist.

Note to self – not everything you read on the world wide web is true.

That’s what I have learned so far.