Hello, my BFF’s.

It’s November. It snowed a bit. It’s hard not to get excited.

I will get right to two gift ideas and one on the way (hopefully) in case I lose you as I start my gift of gab.

I could get swallowed up in a bookstore for days, I just love them. Especially the children’s department. I found this gem there while shopping for a birthday gift and had to pick it up for me. Being a dreamer, I need reminders every so often to keep me going. This is a really fun gift for anyone in your world, not just a child, who spends their time dreaming and planning. Or for someone who should. Even yourself!

Next up, I received this book as a gift from my mom last year and I just love it. It shares a sentiment and some thoughts to go with it for a variety of seasonal offerings. You can read it from beginning to end or pick out a sentiment for that day, based on how you are feeling, and fill your heart with a message that will give you what you need. During the holiday season, I am all over the place with my emotions and whether I crave quiet simple moments or to be right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. This book covers it all!

And then….drum roll…I am awaiting a proof of my grown-up coloring book. It should come any day now, I will make my revisions and if the stars align, it will be ready for you to purchase before Thanksgiving. (Technically, I could make revisions until the cows come home but luckily I have a deadline in place so I will have to approve it quickly.)

Then, you can get some gift shopping done early and have more moments to yourself to enjoy the quiet or the hustle and bustle. Maybe even to color, perhaps??!!

Here is the cover…unless I change it last minute…which I already did while I have been working on this post…

Happy Dance!

I am also having fun dreaming up gift ideas for an Advent calendar type gift that I want to share with you, but so far my ideas for something different than the usual candy etc. are not cheap to put together once I start mentally adding up the price tags. I am not sure if I care about that so I will have to ponder a bit more.

All righty, let’s get ready to talk turkey now. (Get it?)

By now, you must know that I take a million sky pictures – even if you are new to my current site with all of its lost content. So, here we go…

I just love the colors.

And the clouds.

And the ambiance.

We went to a China Light Show, which was super cool, but very crowded.



The above pic represents all of the animals for the “Year Of the” in The Chinese tradition. I think I am a pig but I was confused by how they listed the years and I had to keep moving because I could not hold up the lines of people trying to get through. I used my manners.

How can you not love the dragons?

We participated in the Farmer’s Market CSA this year so every other week I received a giant basket of delicious locally grown goodies. Our last basket for the season included a zucchini the size of an adult leg. The giant veggies are not always flavorful but this gal is perfect in Zucchini Bread. I have made quite a few already and need to keep plodding along so I can share the wealth with my neighbors as well as my freezer. If you’re in the area, let me know and I will bake you up some!


Halloween happened since we last spoke.

I loved my creepy spider.

We also had some super duper jack-o-lanterns.

And at night, they were the best we ever had.

For the school parties, I decided to dress up this year. I went as my fave Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Here are my selfies…

And another.

The problem with selfies

is that

they start to get

a bit

silly after a while.

I had so much fun taking on a new role, but my two boys were more than ready for me to shower and wash away the pirate-ness. They wanted “momma” back.


I’ve been typecast.

Yup. More sky.

Up next on my agenda is to get some cookie dough made up and tucked away in the freezer for those moments when you want a home-baked cookie this time of year but are rushing around too much to just “whip some up”. Then I need to finish my last minute shopping because I did most of mine already.

Don’t hate me because I’m early.

Love ya my BFF’s…make some moments these next few weeks. Its gonna get squirrelly!