I have been meaning to tell you about Mr. G.

I met Mr. G a year ago when I asked for assistance from the SCORE Business Mentoring Program. I had not intended to start working with them at that point because I was nowhere near ready for my “gift shoppe-country shoppe-cafe-garden nursery-plus more” but I had signed up to do a craft fair. In a normal person’s mind, you would never make the jump for needing business assistance to do a craft fair. But, I am not normal.

For the previous few years, I had been immersed in all sorts of books and learning materials on anything and everything related to starting a business. When the opportunity came to participate in a craft fair, I went with it. I had been stretching my creative side and had some items that were worthy of consumer review. Since I am not normal, I basically created a mini gift shoppe experience for the craft fair, with all products designed and/or created by me. Since I knew I wanted to have a business someday, I wasn’t sure if I should become one sooner for the craft fair. As always, I know too much and not enough.

SCORE paired me up with a local mentor. Their program provides a mentor for newbies to the business world or a new aspect of their business and a retiree from the business world. We set up a date and time to meet at a local diner while my wee one was in preschool. He said I would know him because he would wear his SCORE shirt. I said he would know me because I would wear pink. Or something bright. I can’t really remember but that sounds like me.

Walking into the diner for a 9:30 am meeting was a bit of a deja vu in reverse. Looking for a single-seated person at a diner at 9 am was going to be difficult since at that hour, many people are there by themselves. I knew he would be older since he was retired and guess who visits a diner at 9 am? Older people who are retired or my peeps – moms with kids. No one seemed interested in me so I assumed he wasn’t there yet and took a table by the window. I then found myself wondering if it was him, every time someone older and “single” walked to the diner. It brought back the memory of the rare occasions when I agreed to a blind date.

That made me chuckle.

I had seen the movie, “The Intern” and I knew that I already saw the value in working with someone who had experience, but was he going to “get” me? I’ve mentioned that I am not normal.

My business plan, loosely defined, looks more like an art portfolio. And my dreams and goals are all over the place, but in my mind they connect quite nicely.

Well, Mr. G arrived and I instantly noticed a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. This just might work.

And as we chatted…he “got” me.

We have worked together ever since over this past year and he has been a great support for prodding me along with my cookbook “plus” and the other bubbles on my Business Bubble Map.

It turned out that he also had a book in a semi-finished state that he dusted off and started to delve into again as he helped me along on my book creating and publishing adventure.

He recently beat me to the finish line and published his book. I thought I would share it with you here. It’s a fun read about the adventures of a boy growing up on a farm in Iowa. The boy’s soul chats with God about his life purpose as he sleeps.

“Living on the Edge of Heaven”, by G. Edward can be found here on Amazon:


and here on Barnes and Noble:


Thanks Mr. G for your mentoring and congrats on your new book!