I don’t know why, but the other day I remembered how, in “the old days”, it was so much fun to find a ten dollar bill that I had forgotten about in a pocket or a purse that I had not used in a while. I never carry cash anymore and always use my debit card. What an inconvenience it is when I need to pay with cash, ’cause then I usually need to stop by the bank first – the drive thru, of course, or when I have to write a check. Because of my “plastic money”, I am now deprived of the happy little moment, every now and then, of discovering some cash that I forgot about. Oh boy, when I found a twenty dollar bill, that was a Jackpot. I thought about going to the bank to get out a variety of bills and then tuck them in odd pockets here and there, but it’s not quite the same. Although, I suppose, the point is to discover found money at a later date, so will I truly care that I had to “create” this found money?

Over the next few days, I pondered what other happy little things there were or are…

The treat drawer at grandma’s house. Granted, I can buy whatever treats I want now as an adult, but it will never replace the treat drawer at grandma’s. Slim Jims and Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips were my faves. If my grandmas (a grandma and a great-grandma lived together – is there anything better?) had not made it to the store to fill the treat drawer before we came, then they piled us into the car and off we headed to the grocery store to stock up. They drove a grass-green colored VW Bug. They were hip and didn’t even know it. In those instances, I also made sure that there would be some Birch Beer Soda for my stay. I loved that wintergreen flavor and that red color.

A moment that I never lose sight of is enjoying a sunbeam.

I created this sunbeam moment for my cat while we were all busy getting ready for our morning.

Then I joined her for a brief bit before I moved on to my to-do list. The sun is feeling warmer these days and that is so exciting.

Sitting around leafing through photo albums is one of my favorite childhood memories. Do you still do that? When we happen to look back at old pics, it’s usually on the phone or the computer and because I was looking for something specific and got caught up reminiscing. I actually was very good at keeping up with photo albums until about 5 or 6 years ago and then I was at least good at printing out the pictures and writing on the backs of them. I am about 2 years behind on that. But no more! It’s a giant project that keeps rolling over from my to-do list each year and this year is the year I am getting it done. I will also dig out the old photos albums from storage boxes and resolve to find a handy place to stash them for the moments when any one of us or all of us find ourselves wanting to adventure down memory lane.

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup packets for a cold are a happy tidbit of then and now. When I have a head cold, which happens to be right now, I crave that salty yellow broth. I also discovered about a year ago that if I stop being cheap and practical, spending a few extra bucks on tissues that are soft and lotion-y makes us feel so much better. No sense adding a red raw nose to the mix just to save a buck.

Another happy little moment is that I discovered that my Happy Moments Coloring Book for Big People is available on the French version of Amazon. How fun is that? Tres amusant! I love the french language and have a history of pretending that I am French (just ask my kids and my husband), so this little tidbit I discovered was perfect. I also saw that my coloring book is now available on other sites if you do a search for it, which I am sure you have been. Naturally, that is a happy tidbit as well.

All righty, I should probably go nurse my cold or work on my photo album project or sit in a sunbeam or go to the bank to get money to hide around my house.

Later BFF’s!