Ahhh…October! It’s a new month and a moment to begin sharing again here on my website so let’s start with a normal post about fun stuff. I will fill you in on my normal chaos in another post.

Once October hits, I know that I need to accept that fall is coming and so too will be a few busy months, along with the chilly weather again. I try not to lament the all too quickly passing of summer, but it’s hard not to feel a bit robbed. I love living a seasonal life and wouldn’t change it. I love the snow too. But I might shift the duration of seasons around a bit if I had any magic in my marshmallow wand.

I don’t.

Here is what October means to me…

Fall colors and a nip in the air.

Pumpkin everything.

Too much candy. And the Halloween candy eating negotiations with my wee ones will be upon me sooner than I want.

Time to buy new baking soda and baking powder and stock up on other baking and cooking essentials. I never use up the baking powder or baking soda that I buy and being a practical country gal, it’s hard to throw it out and waste. But, it’s only a couple of bucks and if I am putting the time and energy into baking, my ingredients should be fresh.

The local newspaper holds their holiday cookie contest at the end of the month. Decisions, decisions.

I spend as much time outside as possible, but less of it watering and caring for my plants. Now that the school routine has me humming along again, I forget about them so they have to fend for themselves more often.

The bakery belly I have been carrying for quite a while is now on high priority as we move into another bakery belly season of good eats. So, a good portion of my time is spent on my ramped up efforts to fit into my smaller-sized civilian clothes again so I can eat all winter and then move back into my bigger-sized civilian clothes. It’s a vicious circle.

My kids are hot when they go to bed but the nights cool down so then they are cold and uncovered later in the night, so I am awake and in there covering them all night long.

I shop all year for holiday gifts but now, I am in prowl mode as I search for “fresh and thoughtful” gifts to fill in the holes on my list of holiday shopping.

Time to start addressing the holiday card envelopes. I like to handwrite the cards and envelopes for a moment that matters, but it does take time. A few here and there peppered in between other tasks and then it’s all done and frees me up during holiday crunch time. Of course, I am not beyond sending New Year’s cards if need be!

All righty, my BFF’s, thanks again for your “condolences” on the loss of my website content and your thoughts on my moving forward plans – I appreciate it! It’s October, so get out there and make moments that matter. Call someone, write a letter or sit and do nothing but appreciate your special lot in life. It’s all yours and it’s a gift!

Love ya…