Once upon a time, there was a beautiful website full of blog worthy content, moment making ideas and witty banter.

Then, one day, it all vanished.

Poof! Not a bread crumb trail in sight of where it could have gone.

Not even a crumb too small for a mouse was left behind.

The kingdom’s hosting company could not bring it back and left this fair maiden with a completely blank website. No more pics of waffle sundae moments.

After some tears and the realization that no handsome techie prince was going to come along and bring back all of the content she had lovingly prepared, she straightened her apron and decided to move on.

“Fine. Technology may have won this time (and the time before that, and the time before that…), but I still have this blank website”, she said aloud to no one, “so I will look at this ugly plain blank website with none of the content that I previously had on here as a blank slate and start anew.”

As all of the possibilities of new directions swirled around in her brain, she fainted. When she woke, she was immobilized by opportunity.

That, my BFF’s, is where we stand today. My website is gone. Hacked. The possibilities to start over are breath-taking. Seriously, I can’t breathe. It’s been traumatic. Well, in an extremely shallow sense of trauma.

But…being the “life is all rainbows” gal that I am, there is now excitement as I ponder a new direction. There happens to be some exciting potential on the horizon so a new direction could be just the thing that this website needed, even though it is sooner than I had planned.

But…I am in a season of life that will change next year. My youngest child is in his final preschool year and these are the last moments I will have with a wee one around home with me. I want to savor that. I want to make moments that matter.

So…I will take some time to ponder my new directions and not proceed in haste. “Haste makes waste” ya know. And I have questions for you. I want to know your opinions and your thoughts.

Thank you for accompanying me as I find a new space on the world wide web. We will throw a sheet over some boxes, light a few candles, use our phones for background music and order out until I have my new website all figured out. It’ll be fun!