I’m not a breakfast food fan, for breakfast.

I like breakfast, but I prefer it for dinner.

I like to eat dinner foods for breakfast.

Breakfast foods are often sweet, and being a salty, I need salt to start my day. I know that there are some options, but, not many. Delicious foods for breakfast can also take a bit of preparation and there is rarely time for that in the morning.

There have been many a day where I sat at the breakfast table with my leftover chicken, pizza, pasta dish or even a hot dog, and endured the uncomfortable sideways glances of family members as they dutifully ate their cereal, yogurt with fruit and toast that have been deemed acceptable options for breakfast. They would huddle a bit closer to each other because my meal was too stinky and odd for their morning.

Cast out during the most important meal of the day, starting to feeling alone and confused, even awkward, I wondered who made the rules about breakfast food anyway?

Society. And probably the cool kids. That’s who.

There is really no basis for the type of food that can be served at different times of the day.

Freeing myself from the societal norms, I began to embrace my aversion to breakfast food for breakfast and added another feather in my awkward bird hat.

I’ve been happily eating hot dogs, tacos and meat loaf for breakfast for a long time now. I credit that moment in life for giving me the mind to question other “rules” that really seem to have no basis, aside from “our society says” we have. Or the cool kids.

Socks with sandals? Go for it.

Yellow nail polish? On your fingers? Why not?

Permed hair – long after the 80’s have gone down in history? Keep scrunching baby.

I encourage you to bring all of your awkwardness to the dinner table, the soccer field, the yoga mat and even the workplace. And if you need to eat your peas for breakfast because that’s the only time you can cook ’em up to enjoy them fresh from your garden, just make sure you sit next to that family member who is trying not to notice you.

“Excuse me, would you please pass the salt?”

Awkward birds have more fun…join the flock!