opposite world

Hello my BFF's, I'm coming at you live from my tiny sunroom fort, the place I go to hide away and get some quiet time since I am surrounded by my peeps these days. But, they are on to me and have found my hiding place. They like to be close to momma, (who can blame them, and quite frankly, I will miss them when they no longer want to) but they have taken over my fort on many occasions so that the cat and I have to find someplace else to go. There are now toys in my

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blind faith

My husband heard this on the radio recently and it has become the tagline for our days - "It won't be easier, but it will be better." We have started discussing the next chapter in our family's book and it is exciting and scary and completely fueled on blind faith. The adventure would start with a move, and then all the things that happen up to and after that. Nothing about it has been easy. In fact, I partly blame it for a giant headache that has been plaguing me. The kind of headache where medicine doesn't seem to help

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