i got nothin’

I'm here to tell you that I have nothing to tell you. I've been wanting to chat with you for weeks now, but I don't have anything to say. I got nothin'. I know, it's hard to believe. Me without anything to say. That might just be the strangest thing that has happened in 2020. And how do I add pictures to go along with my story when I don't have a story? I do not even know what to take pictures of for your entertainment. I feel like the kid who has to do show 'n tell but

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without a doubt

I have noticed lately as I am out and about running errands, that I am talking to myself while trying to make selections. It's the time of year where decision making is commonly at its highest and I need to run my choices by someone. Since it's just me running errands, I get to talk to myself. "Is this the 1000 sheet one ply toilet paper? Yes. Good, that's the right one. Okay, are these the paper towels that can rip off at different sizes? Sweet. In the cart they go." "Hmmm...would they like this? How much is it? Am

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summer traditions

So, I know you've been wondering what is happening in my world. You probably find yourself thinking, "What is going on with Aaryne, The Awkward Bird? Is she still packing boxes?". I found this pic on my phone. My kiddos will ask to use my phone and take pics once in a while. I'm not surprised that boxes showed up! Yes, I am still packing boxes but that activity is dwindling. When I started purchasing boxes, I cleverly decided to try to use sizes that I might also use as shipping boxes when I start my online Awkward Bird Country

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it’s february…i’m free!

Facebook sent me a message that I haven't posted anything in a while. Talk about pressure! It's hard to complain that celebrations have kept you so busy the past two months that you need a break, but...that's what I'm sayin'. Holidays, birthdays and the odd celebration peppered in are behind me now and I feel so free. It's February...I'm free! So I devised yet another exercise plan. I need adventure so I am now on a kick to walk the five miles it takes to do a loop up near Lake Michigan and back. The first free day I had

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the excitement of january

It's January. Wow! So what have you been doing? Are you busy? Are you relaxing? Are you shivering? Are you shoveling? All of the above? None of the above? Oh, I have so much to chat about! I know that is no surprise, but fair warning...this post is a biggie. I keep adding to it. I love January. It's such an exciting moment to be at the very beginning of a fresh new year full of possibilities and unknowns. A few years ago, I ditched the New Year's resolutions and opted for a word or a thought that would guide

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