it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

When I first started writing this post to share with you, it was much closer to the beginning of December. Now, it is much closer to the end of December, or at least it will be by the time I finish writing it. So, yes, my title is a little iffy because it should look a lot like Christmas now, but I'm still keeping it. In my world, we celebrate Christmas. And Christmas needs snow. And coldness. That's because I have always lived in a northern seasonal part of the world, aside from my first six months of life spent

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the turkey club predicament

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We're still eating some delicious leftovers and I found myself in a turkey club predicament today. Now that my "Happy Moments" coloring book for big people is published and for sale on Amazon, to start, (my happy plug), I can turn my attention back to creating my cookbook. One of the ideas I am currently working on sharing in my cookbook is for Turkey Day leftovers because I wouldn't dream of messing with your Turkey Day meal traditions. Here's my predicament... A few weeks ago I had some dental work performed. Nothing

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my “happy moments” coloring book is ready on amazon

My "Happy Moments" Coloring Book for Big People is now available on Amazon and I am just tickled beyond words. I won't ruin the story of how this book came to be (for those who love coloring books for grown-ups and just might add this to their list of needs this year), because I included it in my book, but it has been a project in the making for the last two years. Toward the end of October I realized that I was really close to being finished and if I buckled down, I just might have it ready

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my thankful moments

Happy Thanksgiving my favorite people! It's the eve of Thanksgiving as I start writing this post and I have made all of my foods for tomorrow. It's just us, which is easy and not easy. We do not have to make a big deal out of getting ready and cleaning. Phew. My mop broke while I was mopping the kitchen floor so it's a good thing no one is coming and my house does not have to be clean. It would be a bonus, not a requirement for just us. But...if we want to taste all of the tastes that

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gift ideas, catching up, & selfie struggles

Hello, my BFF's. It's November. It snowed a bit. It's hard not to get excited. I will get right to two gift ideas and one on the way (hopefully) in case I lose you as I start my gift of gab. I could get swallowed up in a bookstore for days, I just love them. Especially the children's department. I found this gem there while shopping for a birthday gift and had to pick it up for me. Being a dreamer, I need reminders every so often to keep me going. This is a really fun gift for anyone in

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